How to Choose a Perfect Handbag

No women can wonder herself without a handbag as this accessory not only reflects her utility but the style, mood, individuality and status. Celebrities never compromise with there handbags and make a style statement with the help of these bags. Now the question arise how to choose the best handbag which suits your style. Every individual have there own style but if few points taken into consideration person can choose a better handbags.

In my opinion shape of the handbags play very important role in styling like person should carry handbag contrast to the personality like if you are tall and thin you should carry handbags more on the rounded side like the hobo or those that are a bit unstructured. On the other hand if you are short and heavy should go for more structured ,square ,rectangle shapes rather then unstructured ones. Long and sleek designs will help counterbalance your more rounded figure. Silhouettes in soft fabrics and leathers can do the trick. Try to stay away from that sharp edge, total rounded or unusual shapes as they can look good for a change but not always create magic.

Second important thing is the amount of space you need in your handbag. If you have more stuff to keep absolutely you will prefer big bag but keep in mind the proportion of the bag should match your body structure like if you have a big and tall personality a very small bag will never do, in the same way if you are small and petite very big bag will look awkward on you.

Strap size
Many people don’t know this fact that length of the handbag or shoulder bag will always accentuate the part it comes near with. If, for instance, the bag hits your bottom half or hip area, then that area of your body will become more focused as the eyes are naturally drawn to it. Its said Women’s who are slim can opt for the body hugging bags which comes right under the arm at breast level.So the strategy is simple just be sure of the part of your body you want to emphasise and choose the strap size accordingly.

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