Month: November 2016


New Coach Bleeker Straw Handbags

If you are confused about your new handbag which should suit your style in spring and summer then I think, you can opt for the Coach Bleekers collection. This collection is made up of straw and leather. Both the materials have been beautifully used to create an masterpiece. These bags can truly be your friend in this spring summer season as it has a coach craftsmanship and an American style. Coach is providing you with variety of silhouttes through these Bleeker straw Coach handbags. Small detailing like flowers and buckles are making the bag more beautiful and cute.



Victoria with her Hermes Handbag

Celebrities and there beautiful stylish handbags are always liked and in demand and most of the time I like the Victoria Beckham style. In this picture she is with one of her many Hermes bags. It has been estimated that she has around 100 hermes handbags. She is on her way to her son’s birthday party. The Red handbag she is carrying is Hermes 35 cm Birkinwhich is a real stylish handbag. If anyone want to be a style icon can easily be by following the Victoria style dressing.



Prada Hot Handbag for Spring

Prada always provide us with creative designs and stylish handbags but this time they have launched a super hot bag in the form of Stripped Nappa Tote. The best thing about this bag is its perfect for spring. Colours like purple/pink/yellow/green are making it a masterpeice with great combination. It has a removable shoulder strap. If you like this Prada Handbag you got to be fast to order beacause Due to high demand, a customer may order no more than three units of this item every thirty days. This trendy handbag can be yours in $2360.

I just love this handbag what about you?

Prada nappa hanbag


Louis Vuitton Tisse Sac

Got to notice this Louis Vuitton Tisse Sac. Handbag is good but not one of the best from Louise Vuitton. This handbag has been personally designed by Marc Jacobs. This handbag is been made up of Linen and cotton monogram canvas with grained leather trim. Polished golden brass hardware is the additional quality of the handbag. What i didn’t like in this bag is the multicoloured stripes on the front which is making the classic look of this bag bit jazzy.


Overall I can say the bag is cool but not suitable for every place I go. This eluxury can be yours in $2090.


New Bleeker Straw Tote

This handbag is the part of the latest collection from coach named as Bleeker Straw made up of straw and leather. Beautiful combination of these two materials have been used for the bleeker straw totes. Available in different colours like red , white and perfect for the spring summer season. Straw which has been used in the making of these handbags are Raffia straw. It is with 16″ strap. Two things making it more beautiful are Coach script logo and leather floral applique. Other then this it has all the qualities a general Coach product has like magnetic snap closure, multi-function pocket, inside zip pocket etc. This tote can be yours in just $298. In my opinion price of this beautful Coach handbag is preety reasonable for being stylish and designer.



Coach purse is everyone’s favorite. Person once using this product will never settle for the less but there are lots of replica coach purses available in the market so customers for the coach purses beware. The most important features about this purse is the best quality leather company is using as a result these coach bags tend to get softer, more pliable, and stronger with age. The quality product for the quality consumers. Coach design beautiful and designer bags both for casual and business wear.

People say this expensive stuff is just for rich people but according to me it speaks in itself and everyone should have one coach purse in a list of there accessories. If anyone would have checked there latest famous range including the Hampton Signature Striped Purse, the Coach Signature Soft Duffle, the Metallic Signature with Snake, or the Suede Gallery Wristlet are all classic designs, with a modern feel.


There are few specific features of the coach purses which makes it different from its replica coach purses.

* Coach purses are always well stitched and patterns generally starts from the middle of the purse. It truly reflects the beauty of the patterns by the right placements and If you find the crooked patterns and sloppy stitching it’s not the true coach purse but the discounted coach purse or the replica coach purses available in the market.

* Coach purses have a very unique finish and the quality can easily be recognized. You will be able to feel the difference between the original and the replica coach purse.

* Replicas are generally made up of the fabric as leather is quite expensive or if using leather it will be highly low quality leather which can reveal you the truth of the replica coach bags when compared to the originals.

* Coach always uses best quality zippers and always pay attention to its even very small details which most of the time is being ignored.

Many of the coach purses I have seen and liked them but my favorites is the Mosaic Duffle Wristlet. This piece features a checkerboard color pattern, suede leather, silk lining, and an easy close zip top. This bag also comes with a 12 inch strap for toting. Finally, for something more elegant and dressy. I just loved it watching on a site and now soon planning to purchase it.

I just love the company as I have use many products of coach purses and fully satisfied with what i have paid and the stuff I got. There are many lovers of coach that’s for sure.

Those discounted coach purses available on various sites are never real ones because no one can get a coach purse in $40-50. So always remember uniqueness never comes easy.