5 Tips for Authentic Online Handbag Shopping

We purchase things often online but in case of handbags or even I can say designer handbags like Coach, Gucci, Versace buyers should be little careful about there dealings, as a small mistake can make there deal fraudulent. Its not that there are no authentic sites which gives you dealings at discounted price but its all that finding the right site online for the dealings is quite tedious job.

Here are some simple tips to help you determine whether the site is selling authentic handbags:

1. Guarantee: A web site selling authentic hand bags will always have an authenticity guarantee: Authentic or your money back.

2. Chinese Connection: If you find any connection of the site with the Chinese owners it might be fake site. Go to whois.com and check the ownership of the site. There are more chances of site being fake if the product is from Chinese company.

3. Address: Any trustworthy company will always publish there full street address and numbers. You should always check the authenticity of numbers before any kind of dealing with them.

4. Return Policy:  Make sure company has transparent return policies so that you can return or exchange in case of mistake.

5. Contents: Always keep an eye and read carefully the contents of the site as sometimes you will be able to understand the quality and the standard of the site through its contents.

Taking these few points into consideration a person can find authentic site for original handbags and true dealings.

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