Prada Handbags – Short History

Prada is name associated with style and fashion. We all are fond of the handbags and clothing lines from Prada. Here are some points and will tell you more about the Prada.


*Prada origin started from 1913, but it got the right shape at 1949 when Miuccia Bianchi Prada was adopted by her aunt.

*Miuccia Bianchi Prada started changing the look and the style of the working. She changed the look of her family business from luggage to luxury and that where rise of Prada started.

*The first ever handbag designed by Prada was a huge success, it was a handbag made up of nylon fabric    and was waterproof with simple design.

*Prada designs were totally inspired by Miuccia ideas which were decorative yet simple. Prada handbags and clothing are very famous in Japan.

*Basic colors used in these handbags were black, creme, green, yellow and brown.

*The signature silver triangle is the undeniable symbol of the Prada brand name.

*Every celebrity and fashion lovers love to use Prada as one of their accessory. One of the reason for Prada fame is it has changed the loud fashion statement into royal touch.

*People started making knock offs to Prada handbags.

*Today’s style is patent leather, shiny metallics and bold colors.

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