Prada Handbag – Beauty With Brains

We all love our Prada handbag for its beauty and style but what if brains is also added up along with the beauty to these designer handbags in future by the companies. Yes, I am talking about the additional features which is going to be attached soon to the Prada handbag.

Prada handbag will now be fully ready to fight with any kind of security threats. GPS and finger print scanner will be added in these handbags to recognize any unknown person touching the handbag and tracing the person stealing the handbag. There will be a alarm setting for this kind of awkward situation.

Ladies will have full mobile internet access through the help of the Prada handbag.

Prada handbags still in the concept stage will be able to turn into personal floatation devices and portable airbags/pillows for an extra measure of comfort and safety.

These new safety devices/prada handbag will hit the market in christmas of 2016 but of course with a price hike as luxury has its own price.

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