Heart Charm Bracelet From Coach

Gifting things to your boyfriend can be a problem as not much options are available for men in market. Are you tired of gifting those expensive jackets, sunglasses and deodrants. Coach has a cute option, you can now impress your prince charming with this beautiful bracelet. Its simplicity is its beauty. Have a look


Boyfriend’s Heart Charm Bracelet

Its a leather bracelet with iconoc logo in the center of the heart hanging with this bracelet. Coach bracelet can be a perfect gift for your boyfriend and according to me he is going to love it. Its gold plated, heart charm attached to the bracelet can be removed anytime, color is dark gold/brown and product is very reasonable.


How to Clean Your Coach Product

Coach Signature and Mini Signature Collections – This collection is made up of signature jacquard fabric. Wiping with a smooth damp cloth required.

Coach leather care products should not be used on this collection.

Coach Patent Collection – Products under this collection have somewhat same qualities as previous collection so, its care should be done alike.

Coach Vachetta Collection – made up of vegetable-tanned French vachetta leather and need less care comparatively so no need of coach leather care products.

Coach Hamptons Leather and Suede Collections – Coach leather care products are used on this type of collection.

Coach Hamptons Weekend Collection – Collection is made up of fabric and coach leather care products should not e used on the products. It can be easily cleaned with the help of the water.

Coach Hamptons Weekend Scribble C Collection – This collection is again made up of fabric and can be treated same way as the previous collection i.e. no to coach leather care products.

Coach Madison and Lurex Optic C Collections – Products made up of fur and satin have delicacy in them, hence harsh leather care productsof Coach can’t be used on them.

Quilted Signature Collection – crafted in fabric that has been specially treated to be water and stain repellant. Coach leather care products cannot be used.

Coach Weekend Denim Collection – As the name suggest products using denim as raw material hence, leather care products should not be used on them and should be cleaned using damp and soft cloth.

Coach Soho Leather and Suede Collections and Coach Soho Suede Collection can easily cleaned with the help of these leather care products as these products are specially designed for the leather and suede.

Coach Metro – This collection have fabric as the source of raw material.

Coach Straw Collection – Made up of handwoven straw and trimmed with Bridle and Patent leather. Its delicate and can be easily cleaned with the help of damp cloth.

Coach Soft Legacy Collection – Can be cleaned by the leather care products.

Coach Signature Patchwork Collection – Here handbags and shoes are made up moxing fabric and leather for the beautiful designing hence leather care products cannot be used.

These were some of the collection and there care tips. This do’s and dont’s chart will definately guide you for proper cleaning and save your Coach handbag and coach shoes from being spoiled. Few people bring the Coach leather care products and try it on all kind of products but it can be used mostly on leather or suede products.


Coach For Men This Valentine

If you want to gift something good to your men this valentine a business case to keep him organized can be one of the best gift. Logan Brief from Coach can be a good option. This beautiful leather business case can accomodate laptop very smartly. Apart from that it has Front open compartment with two multifunction pockets, three pen/pencil pockets and card holder.



This organiser can be worn either on shoulders or cross body and the most comfortable feature and what I like is its padded top handle which makes it really convinient to handle.

Coach Logan Brief is a classy choice for anyone. Weather resistant glove tanned leather is been used to make the piece. This brief is available in silver/black colour also and will cost you around $448.


Anya Hindmarch Kama Sutra Clutch

Let me introduce you to the new clutch Anya Hindmarch Kama Sutra Clutch, yes you have guessed right its related to the old book Kamasutra and love making. Perfect gift for your valentine. Clutch as the name suggest designed by Anya Hindmarch.




In case if you have forgotten some moves, Immensely beautiful with metallic leather with the twist button and stone studded on it outside and very interesting inside. He’s got hot hidden instructions for you printed inside the clutch. Picture has been taken from the book of love, pleasure and spirituality. But always be careful not to open up the clutch at the wrong place.


Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Sac Baxter PM

Have you seen Louis Vuitton dog carrier bag, being used by many celebrities for carrying there lovely dogs, specially Jessica Simpson. I have seen one of them its good but now there is a new and improved version of the same bag by Louis Vuitton named Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Sac Baxter PM being designed with monogram canvas.


These handbags do not look like dog carrier but moreover like a beautiful handbag. Sporting a flapped pouch pocket with polished golden brass hardware enhances its beauty to the fullest. Side panels can be unzipped for the convenience of your adorable pet. This bag has everything to make your pet feel at home and comfortable. Appropriate measurements 13.8(l) 10.4(h) 6.5(w) have been taken care of. So, Now all of you who have small dogs with you can purchase this mobile home for your pet if you don’t mind the luxury pricing attached to.


Coach Ergo Handbags

Beauty is important no doubt, but in my opinion practicality is important too. I like the stylish and exclusive bags coach make for its customers but the best part is Coach Ergo Bags which has been created recently and can be called as an entire line of ergonomically correct handbags. These bags are perfect for those girls who pay importance to the posture and comfort along with the chic look.

Some people does not agree with me and find these purses boring and having traditional style approach, and why not each and every individual has his/her own opinion but maximum feel it’s a combination of style and comfort.


My cousin recently changed her style from casual Coach Bags to these Coach Ergo Bags and she finds it very very feel good kind of stuff.


Discount Coach Handbags

There was a time when handbags were just used as a object to carry the stuff but now the definition of the purses and handbags have been changed fully. Now it’s a fashion statement and trend rage for all society and group of ladies. Handbags have become the must thing and a compulsory accessory.

Many branded companies are there in the market and started the trendy collections and brand new designs in handbags. A normal person has great chances of confusions and cheating. Lots of online stores have also been established since the demand of the handbags has been emerged.
There are varieties of material and fabrics used for the making of these designer handbags but common among them are leather, jute, soft fabrics and printed fabrics. Leather bags were considered to be the  most expensive and exclusive one earlier but now there is no such division on basis of the material used now, in fact now the division has been based on the companies names and the stylish look purse or handbags are reflecting. But the best deal while purchasing a handbag for you is done when you get the designer, trendy and original stuff at the right price in the market. There are many fake companies in the market selling there products as a replica of authorised brands. Customers have to be aware of all these facts and figures before shopping. Sometimes due to small amount of discount available from vendors side customers get the wrong stuff.


It is not said that discount handbags are always wrong but should be purchased with whole lot of care and awareness. Big companies like Coach no doubt, provide discounts to there customers but its on some particular occasions not always. Customers should also know, the huge amount of difference among the prices of the original and the stuff they are purchasing create big chances of fraud. Discount coach handbags should always be purchased from some genuine site or dealer. Due to very few differences among the original and the replica Coach purse many people are not able to identify the fake bags and keep it as an original ones.

Its not possible for all class of society to purchase these expensive handbags but the discount coach handbags gives them opportunity to fulfil there dreams and use the most expensive brands they can not even think of buying otherwise. Coach also deals in wallets, sunglasses, shoes and many more items. Every piece manufactured at coach id unique in itself and hence so costly. Coach handbags provide great range of bags for college going to office going girls and satisfy each and every demand beautifully. There are many genuine sites or vendor who can provide you the discount coach handbags without any fraud and cheating.

Coach handbags are not status symbol and having one of them in your collection is a matter of proud for the handbags lovers.


Coach Purse

Coach purse is everyone’s favorite. Person once using this product will never settle for the less but there are lots of replica coach purses available in the market so customers for the coach purses beware. The most important features about this purse is the best quality leather company is using as a result these coach bags tend to get softer, more pliable, and stronger with age. The quality product for the quality consumers. Coach design beautiful and designer bags both for casual and business wear.

People say this expensive stuff is just for rich people but according to me it speaks in itself and everyone should have one coach purse in a list of there accessories. If anyone would have checked there latest famous range including the Hampton Signature Striped Purse, the Coach Signature Soft Duffle, the Metallic Signature with Snake, or the Suede Gallery Wristlet are all classic designs, with a modern feel.



There are few specific features of the coach purses which makes it different from its replica coach purses.

* Coach purses are always well stitched and patterns generally starts from the middle of the purse. It truly reflects the beauty of the patterns by the right placements and If you find the crooked patterns and sloppy stitching it’s not the true coach purse but the discounted coach purse or the replica coach purses available in the market.

* Coach purses have a very unique finish and the quality can easily be recognized. You will be able to feel the difference between the original and the replica coach purse.

* Replicas are generally made up of the fabric as leather is quite expensive or if using leather it will be highly low quality leather which can reveal you the truth of the replica coach bags when compared to the originals.

* Coach always uses best quality zippers and always pay attention to its even very small details which most of the time is being ignored.

Many of the coach purses I have seen and liked them but my favorites is the Mosaic Duffle Wristlet. This piece features a checkerboard color pattern, suede leather, silk lining, and an easy close zip top. This bag also comes with a 12 inch strap for toting. Finally, for something more elegant and dressy. I just loved it watching on a site and now soon planning to purchase it.

I just love the company as I have use many products of coach purses and fully satisfied with what i have paid and the stuff I got. There are many lovers of coach that’s for sure.

Those discounted coach purses available on various sites are never real ones because no one can get a coach purse in $40-50. So always remember uniqueness never comes easy.


Prada Hot Handbag for Spring

Prada always provide us with creative designs and stylish handbags but this time they have launched a super hot bag in the form of Stripped Nappa Tote. The best thing about this bag is its perfect for spring. Colors like purple/pink/yellow/green are making it a masterpeice with great combination. It has a removable shoulder strap. If you like this Prada Handbag you got to be fast to order because Due to high demand, a customer may order no more than three units of this item every thirty days.


I just love this handbag what about you?


Louis Vuitton Tisse Sac

Got to notice this Louis Vuitton Tisse Sac. Handbag is good but not one of the best from Louise Vuitton. This handbag has been personally designed by Marc Jacobs. This handbag is been made up of Linen and cotton monogram canvas with grained leather trim. Polished golden brass hardware is the additional quality of the handbag. What i didn’t like in this bag is the multicolored stripes on the front which is making the classic look of this bag bit jazzy.



Overall I can say the bag is cool but not suitable for every place I go.