Coach Handbag – Costly Affair

Different people have different views on spending matters  some can spend lavishly on there fashion scene but some cannot. depending on the thinking few people love to carry designer handbags and hence spend a lot on designer brands like Coach handbags, Gucci Handbags, Prada Handbags etc. But if we talk about the prices of these purse sometimes its not genuine and fair. I am a die hard fan of coach handbags but I agree few Coach purses do not match with the prices quoted like.

New Bleeker Alligator Large Duffle



This Duffle is extremely stylish and cool but the price quoted for this particular product is not worth. This Duffle has all the general and unique features which a Coach has like Alligator leather with leather trim, Inside zip pocket, Cellphone/multi-function pockets, Ring to clip an accessory or keyfob, Zip-top closure, 18” adjustable strap etc but these features.

I will never prefer to purchase this Coach duffle in $7000, but its really a matter of personal choice and preference. so, would you purchase it in the same cost?


Coach Legacy Leather Shoulder Bag

Today I was surfing for a nice handbag and went to the Coach official site www.coach.com and found this beautiful handbag Coach Legacy Leather Shoulder Bag. Impressed with the color and styling. This small cute bag have fabulous detailing perfect for people owning simplicity. Its a never go out of style types with timeless silhouettes. Available in three colors brass/camel, wallnut, brass/black.



This Coach handbags is been made up of vintage leather with 13″ adjustable straps. It has Inside Zip Pocket, cellphone pocket, ring to clip an accessory, outside front pocket with turn lock closure.  Can be used anywhere, anytime hence we can call it a evergreen Coach handbag.


New Coach Heritage Stripe

Handbags are the mirror of women’s personality we all know but if the handbag is Coach its awsome feel.  Coach handbags are the dream come true for many ladies and I am one of them as it keeps on working on new designs and styling. A small unique detailing and a change makes it different from others. Lightweight and water resistancy these are few of the qualities of Coach new collection of handbags named Coach Heritage Stripe. Beautiful and versatile collection with lots of new features and qualities. Whole collection is available in many shapes and sizes with lots of new colors like grass, pink, blue, geranium, white and dark brown.

Coach stripes

Coach Heritage Stripe has a evergreen styling and can be used anywhere as it features everyday fashion. Now, if you are confused about your daily styling just switch to Coach heritage stripe collection. Not much changes have been made but the matching stripes added is looking gorgeous and unique. Its versatile look is been liked by many including me. This new matching stripe pattern with the leather trim is good for shopping time, office going and even friends place.

If, we talk out the space in these Heritage coach handbags, they are enough roomy to keep your daily stuff. It has one thing more which makes it different, is its logo i.e. original logo of horse and carriage from 1960 bringing back that iconic coach styling.

You want a new handbag and getting confused, then Coach heritage stripe can be one to opt for as it has all the good features we generally want in our handbags.


Coach Heritage Stripe Zip Satchel

Matching patch in the middle of the handbag is the new stylish add on done to the Coach handbags and named them the heritage stripe collection. I like the collection and specially the vibrant colors. These handbags are evergreen and can be carried anywhere without thinking about the match as it suits on all kind of outfits.


The one which is worth buying is New Coach Heritage Stripe Zip Satchel, as I said before a sporty look has been given to the handbag with lots of space to carry your day to day things. This Coach handbag has been made up of signature coated canvas with leather trims. Available in two beautiful shades white and khaki.

Coach Heritage Stripe Zip Satchel has fabric lining inside with the Coach logo of horse and carraige. Being ligh weight is another smart feature of  Coach heritage stripe zip Satchel. Coach keeps on making new things but the heritage collection is simple and stylish.


New Coach Bleeker Straw Handbags

If you are confused about your new handbag which should suit your style in spring and summer then I think, you can opt for the Coach Bleekers collection. This collection is made up of straw and leather. Both the materials have been beautifully used to create an masterpiece.


These bags can truly be your friend in this spring summer season as it has a coach craftsmanship and an American style. Coach is providing you with variety of silhouttes through these Bleeker straw Coach handbags. Small detailing like flowers and buckles are making the bag more beautiful and cute.


Coach Handbags For Leather Lover

Before giving you a good option among Coach handbags leather collection to choose from, its important to know the reason why few people stick to leather and love the material so much. Every individual have there own choices and preferences but leather lovers are always considered

to be the quality lovers. In today´s market leather is extremely popular. One very important thing is the life of a leather handbags which is long live if, kept with little care. Its maintenance is also easy compare to other fabrics. Leather reflects your fashion sence in true way and makes you look like a fashion diva. Right leather  handbag with the right outfit creates magic. Beautiful shades of leather are available to choose from and many leading companies like Coach, Gucci, Prada are providing us with awsome designing along with the high quality. Its perfect for your special occasions and special days. It can be a best gift you can give to your girl on Valentine’s day.



Leather bags are also cosidered as a treasure or an investment as its value increases with the time if its in a good condition. Anyways we have discusses why we should choose leather handbag. Now, let me show you an option from Coach from there leather collection.

New Luci Leather Domed Satchel can be an good option for you.This handbag is from Coach leather collection. Its an in hand purse and a look that you will want to keep for years to come, this was an statement from Coach for this vintage piece. Handbag is made up of pure vintage leather with antique brass details.


Mischa Barton With Coach Handbag

You can see Miss cha Barton carrying Coach Suede Legacy Eyelet Large Duffel. I feel she is looking really smart with this particular style of Coach handbag.



This Coach Suede Legacy Eyelet Large Duffel have brass embellishments and made up of suede and leather. Availbale in lots of cool colors. It has all the qualities a authentic Coach handbag should have. Designer straps are the add on to the stylish handbag.


5 Things to Consider Before Shopping for Your Designer Handbag

5 Things to Consider Before Shopping for Your Designer Handbag

  • How much do you want to spend?

designer handbags have no limits for the pricing so its very important to fix a budget in mind and stick with it. We can opt for the designer range of precvious season as it will give you affordable pricing.

  • Whats your style?

Classic, edgy, simple, choose what style fits you best. Your style should match your current wardrobe style. If you can purchse only selected pieces from the designer range go for the more classy range as new trend go out of style very fast.

  • Which designer brand is right for you?

Every designer brand have there  own style of designing so its very important to make up in mind. Whether you want your handbag to be simple ,trendy, or edgy. Basic style of the company should be followed properly.

  • What Color?

This is a very important question as, sometimes we purchase colors looking good in the store but get sick of it after a week or two. Always prefer color you always like to wear. Color choice should also be done according to the outfits one have.

  • Where will you purchase your designer handbag from?

You should be aware of the best place you can purchse your handbag from. Many people prefer the safety of buying handbags in the designers store, this guarantees authenticity and you wont get sold a cheap fake. But there are other online stores selling authentic designer handbags. Person should choose wisely.


Coach Signature Stripe Collection

Sometimes we just purchase the handbag, which we like and get confused with the first look. Later the problem which comes is the utility, space should always be appropriate along with the look. Coach has recently launched there Signature Stripe collection. The unique collection have irresisitable beauty along with the space. Let’s have a look on some of its pieces.

New Signature Stripe Patchwork Tote

We can see the freshness in the designing and the combination of our favorite patterns have been inculcated beautifully in these handbags. Nappa leather, suede, Signature jacquard fabric, crinkle patent leather, metallic cowhide is used for its patchwork. Having all the qualities a person can expect from Coach Inside zip pocket, Cellphone/multi-function pocket and pen pockets,  Ring to clip an accessory etc. This handy and beautiful Coach handbag have enough room to keep anything.


New Bleeker Straw Tote

This handbag is the part of the latest collection from coach named as Bleeker Straw made up of straw and leather. Beautiful combination of these two materials have been used for the bleeker straw totes. Available in different colors like red , white and perfect for the spring summer season. Straw which has been used in the making of these handbags are Raffia straw. It is with 16″ strap. Two things making it more beautiful are Coach script logo and leather floral applique.


Other then this it has all the qualities a general Coach product has like magnetic snap closure, multi-function pocket, inside zip pocket etc. In my opinion price of this beautiful Coach handbag is pretty reasonable for being stylish and designer.